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toughtink asked: i just wanted to tell you i'm really impressed by your raven cosplay! you even got her widow's peak and i just love it!! great job! and your wonder woman is looking cool so far too. c8

Thank you much!! I really appreciate the kind words. Comments like these are what keeps me motivated to work on things!


Yesterday I had a shoot with Emileigh/her fantastic Raven cosplay! Excited to start editing this feature!!


Yesterday I had a shoot with Emileigh/her fantastic Raven cosplay! Excited to start editing this feature!!

ahopelessbromantic asked: Hey! :D I really like your cosplay for raven.. but I'm on a budget. The patterns I can find, but the belt is where I get complicated. Do you have any ideas where I might find a golden colored chain and substitute the resin gems?

Hmm… You can find lots of different kinds of chain at places like Home Depot and Lowes that they sell by the yard. I forget how expensive the chains there are however. Places like Micheal’s and Joannes have some for jewelery purposes but are also flimsy and more expensive…. I’m not sure where else you can get chain. Maybe some home decor stores?

I suppose the round chocolate molds from micheals would work if you cut them out and did something like paint the inside of it red. The molds are about $1.50 each, so grabbing enough for all the gems wouldn’t cost that much. Christmas is also coming up so if you can find any of the clear ornaments that you snap apart, those would work as well. I’ve also seen people use shower grommets for the outside ring, but that would really depend on how large your gems end up being. I used epoxy sculpt which is a very stiff clay when hardened that won’t break apart, but it is also very expensive. If you want to craft it yourself other clays might work but make sure you do some test runs to see what one works the best for you. I’d advise against sculpy or fimo as they tend to be pretty brittle and wouldn’t be able to hold up being on a belt.

I hope that helps some!

The Making of Wonder Woman - The bodice.

I originally started this part quite a while ago cutting out and ironing all the strips was super tedious.( 30 strips 45” long, made like bias tape… i hate myself evidently…) It was mostly because the fabric didn’t like being pressed into folds. I wizened up about halfway and used vinegar as i was pressing the folds into the strips of fabric to give it a better crease.

I then draped a piece of fabric on my dress-form which also had the corset I’m using on it and drafted out a good under-structure to secure the woven strips to.

I just got done weaving everything on there. The edges still have to be finished but I’ll use leftover strips as bias tape for that. then i have to figure out how to secure the thing to myself. I’m not sure if I’m going to use a zipper, hooks, or more of a corseted back to this yet.

I’m probably about halfway done with this costume now! I’m feeling hopeful that I can get it done in time for Tree City Comic Con!

agent-coop-aboard-the-bebop asked: Hi, your raven cosplay is amazing, and I was wondering, what size resin molds did you use for the round jewels on the belt?

Thank you!

I couldn’t find any molds in the size I wanted specifically for resin. I ended up finding some molds for chocolate at Micheal’s. They were one use only because they were pretty flimsy and broke apart when getting the resin gems out, but the molds were also only $1.50 so I didn’t mind too much and grabbed about three or four of them. They are 1 3/4 inches (4 1/2cm) in diameter and about 3/4 in tall.

I hope that helps!!

Cosplay videos? Oh yes!

I’m going to be shooting with Langarang tonight to make a Raven cosplay video! I’m super excited! I’ll show details to you all when I can!

The Making of Wonder Woman - The Lasso of Truth and part 1 of the Belt

I decided very early on that I was going to make Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and i was going to make it light up. I was always watching my father who is an engineer take apart and fix electrical stuff. From that I have a very rudimentary knowledge of how electrical things work and was able to connect three strings of EL lights together to one power source by splicing wires together. The pictures show the wires together without a cap on them. I wanted to make sure everything worked before I sealed it up. I was super excited that it all worked as this was my first time doing anything of this nature myself. I then braided the about 15 feet of EL wire together.

The belt is almost done. I have everything for the pieces on the side of the belt which will hold up the lasso cut out. I just need to heat them up still. After that is done I’ll be about half way done with the belt! I still have to make the skirt extension that connects with the belt. but I can’t so that until i can get my hands on some leather and dye which has to wait until next paycheck.

The Making of Wonder Woman - The Tiara

This shows how I created The tiara for my Wonder Woman costume.

I first patterned out how I wanted it to look like on a piece of paper. I usually measure on myself how big I want it to be, block out the dimensions on paper and then start drawing in between those. if I want something symmetrical I’ll fold the piece of paper in half. I definitely don’t have the time or patience to try to draw both sides perfect.

After getting the shape i want, I’ll usually draw things like placement of the embellishments I want on it, usually things like where i want it to be raised or lowered on it. This could be something like trim on the edge of an armor part but for me I wanted the middle of it to be upraised instead of the edge being bulkier. I also plotted out the placement of the star for a couple reasons, one to know where exactly it will go and also so I’ll know how big to make it later on.

I then will use what i’ve drawn as a stencil on the worbla. I always use either a double layer of worbla or craft foam sandwiched in-between two pieces of worbla. this is because I’ve found that not only are the pieces about 1000x stronger, but with it a bit thicker it molds easier and doesn’t deform nearly as much when you need to heat it back up when adding details or whatever. So for this, the base layer will be two pieces of worbla stacked on top of each other.

After I draw the two pieces, this is where drawing on the details will help. I just cut my stencil down and use what I’ve cut an another stencil for those. I then cut everything out, being very careful to cut it out exactly how it was drawn on because i want everything to like up perfectly when i stack them together.

After everything is cut out I stack them to see if there is any adjustments i need to do, and then i start heating and sticking them together one layer at a time. it helps to do this slowly and to hold the pieces together while you are heating them up with the heat gun. since a heat gun is pretty much a beefed up hair dryer the wind it created can blow your pieces around a bit if they are not very big and if the pieces you’re putting together move when they are warm they can get stuck together. It’s not fun trying to get two pieces of heated worbla off each other, and sometimes it can ruin the pieces and you’ll have to start all over. so be careful!

You can position the next layer on while your piece is still hot. if one piece of worbla isn’t hot then it won’t form a permanent bond to each other, but still be careful when you do this. Place it well, hold it down, and heat it!

Next it is time to decide how you want to hold this to your body! For very small pieces like this I like to use grommets. they can be found in the notion section of most fabric stores. I got these from joannes. to put them in I like to heat up the worbla again and push one half of the grommet in and then let it cool completely down. After it is cool take the grommet out and cut out the little circle where it was out completely so you have a hole the exact size of it. you can then use the tool to set the grommets together and you now have a perfect opening for something like ribbon or string to run through!

The very last step is to heat the whole thing up again and form it into the shape you like. you can do this on yourself is you can handle slightly hot things or you can also do it on a wig head. I like doing it all on myself to get a perfect fit, but worbla can get very hot sometimes so be careful!

All I have to do from here is attach the star, prime, and paint and I’ll have a beautiful tiara!